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Plant Trees
Swap your xDAI to XGT & plant a tree

Swapping xDAI to XGT & Planting a Tree 🌳

Every time you swap xDAI to XGT on Xion Finance, you will be offered the option to purchase 1 random tree(based off the 10 different tree species) for $0.80 in xDAI.
This is a simple tick box that will add an extra transaction when swapping xDAI>XGT and for every $0.80 donation, 1 tree will be planted. Once the transactions are successful, you will be able to view your donation that has been sent into the Xion Forest wallet address.
Swapping xDAI to XGT
At the end of every month, these donations will be sent to ForestNation and all the trees will be planted in the Xion Forest in either Tanzania or Haiti. The price to plant in Tanzania is $0.30 per tree and the price to plant in Haiti is $0.60 per tree. Any additional capital received from your $0.80 donation/s will go towards Xion Finance, for development and marketing purposes.
The Xion wallet address used to collect donations and additional capital before sending it to the ForestNation wallet: https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/address/0x15B0feDa0ff231E5bCC955f965857d45f366d35E/transactions​
The ForestNation wallet address used to receive the donations sent from the Xion wallet: https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/address/0xfAb0d2Af84cc4b95a1E1100e3f704C8C895f7D7E/transactions​
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