Farming Pools
Just stake some tokens to earn
Farming pools have arrived on Xion Finance, where you can stake single asset or liquidity pool tokens and earn up to 2 types of rewards tokens. It’s the perfect opportunity to stake some tokens and earn huge crypto rewards!

Pool Features

The Xion Finance farming pools were created to boost the utility of XGT being staked as either as a single asset staking pool or a joint liquidity pair with 1–2 rewards tokens. Not only is this designed to bolster the utility of XGT but increase token holders for various projects, awareness, liquidity and overall…
The features/functions of the pools are as follows:
  • Time limited pools (30d, 60d, 90d, 120d or unlimited)
  • Fixed APY (e.g. reward token 1 = 85%, reward token 2 = 90%, etc.) or variable APY(the more that’s staked, the less APY)
  • Auto-compounding for single asset XGT pools, where the stake token is XGT and the reward token is XGT, means any harvest will auto-reinvest everyones rewards into the pool(auto-compounding doesn’t apply to LP staked tokens)
  • LP pool harvest sends tokens into the user wallet and calculates how many rewards other users will get, so their amount of rewards updates to harvest (based on how much LP they have staked)
  • Call fee reward = 0.25% applies to any farming pool when harvested, so it calculates how much everyone gets to harvest and takes 0.25% of those total rewards, which then gets sent into the user/harvester wallet if its LP staked token pool. If it’s a single asset XGT pool(with XGT rewards) they are harvesting, then that 0.25% + user harvest gets reinvested and reinvests everyone else’s rewards as well(auto-compounding).
  • Performance fee = 2%(fee on the reward token(s), which goes into the fee wallet. If one of the rewards tokens is XGT it will go (only for xgt) into the freezer contract)
  • Early Withdrawal fee = 0.1%(fee on the stake token, which goes into the fee wallet, if the stake token is XGT, it will go into the freezer contract)
  • BSC & xDAI farming pools
  • Specific NFT owners will get boosted APY in any listed pools
Then there are other functions such as the afterHourCleanUp() which basically gives any leftover tokens back to the owner of the contract, after the pool is over, leaving enough in the contract for folks to withdraw their earnings and any remainder tokens sent back to the project that’s part of the pool.

Stake XGT to Earn XGT

Stake XGT on Gnosis Chain or BNB Chain to earn XGT

Stake XGT LP to Earn XGT

Stake XGT LP tokens from Gnosis Chain or BNB Chain to earn XGT
The XGT/xDAI and XGT/BNB LP tokens can now be staked on Xion Finance’s farming pool page for a fixed 100% APY. This means, anyone currently holding XGT/xDAI and XGT/BNB LP tokens will have to stake their LP tokens to continue earning XGT APY.
The regular holding of LP tokens will only earn you trading fees and no longer earn you any APY and thus must now be staked in Xion Finance’s farming pools to continue raking in those massive yields.
These are the first two farming pools that Xion has created to accommodate their current LP holders, whilst they prepare to list their partners pools next. Expect dual token rewards, referral staking rewards, NFT APY boosts and more! More liquidity, trading volume and token holders coming right up!
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Stake XGT to Earn XGT
Stake XGT LP to Earn XGT