Xion Finance Wiki
XGT Cross-Chain Swap
Easily send your XGT to different chains
Our own Cross-Chain Swap Mechanism (leveraging the official xDai Bridges).
Since XGT is an xDAI-native token, you need to use our version of the bridge to swap your XGT to the Ethereum Mainnet or the Binance Smart Chain and vice versa.
Transferring your XGT between ETH Mainnet or Binance Smart Chain and the xDai chain is now easier than ever on Xion Finance. Just head over to the SWAP section on either the FARM or EARN page. Select which network you want to send your XGT to and go ahead!
It’s the official xDAI AMB Bridge that takes 12 blocks on ETH mainnet to confirm and since XGT token was built with cross-chain capabilities in mind from the get-go, we specifically tried to keep the costs low for our users!
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