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XGT is one of the first real cross-chain tokens, making use of the Ethereum mainnet and xDAI chain at the same time! The traditional token functionalities (buy, sell, transfer) and platform-specific functionalities in the Xion Finance platform has been implemented on the xDAI chain in order to save gas fees and allow a smooth UX.
Anyone holding XGT on the xDAI chain (through a promotion or staking rewards) can make use of them on the Xion Global payment and rewards gateway for discounts etc. Users are also free to transfer them to the Ethereum mainnet at any time, if they wish to participate in the general public market.
XGT(Xion Global Token) is an ERC-20 xDAI-native token that has cross-chain capabilities between the Ethereum Mainnet and xDAI chain. Soon we will expand onto the Binance Smart Chain and L2 solutions that we find suitable.
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