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Smart Contracts
Xion Finance is driven by smart contracts running on the xDai chain, the Ethereum Mainnet as well as the Binance Smart Chain - powering the whole Xion ecosystem

Xion Finance Smart Contracts

The Xion Finance smart contracts running on the xDai chain, the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Mainnet, powering the Xion ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

Xion Global Token XGT

The Xion Global Token (XGT) is a standard ERC20 token based on the OpenZeppelin contracts. We added the following features on top of it:
  • Protection against sending tokens to the token address itself, e.g.:
    • require(recipient != address(this), "XGT-CANT-TRANSFER-TO-CONTRACT");
There is also a mainnet and a Binance Smart Chain version of this contract, which follows the same logic.
Deployed at 0xC25AF3123d2420054c8fcd144c21113aa2853F39 on the xDai chain. Deployed at 0xC25AF3123d2420054c8fcd144c21113aa2853F39 on the Binance Smart Chain. Deployed at 0xC25AF3123d2420054c8fcd144c21113aa2853F39 on the Ethereum Mainnet.
You can find the contract here.

XGT Bridge

In order to allow users to use their XGT on any of these chains above, we created a custom XGT cross chain bridge based on xDai's Arbitrary Message Bridge. Users can freely and without any fee (besides the gas) send their XGT between xDai and Binance Smart Chain as well as between xDai and Ethereum Mainnet.
You can find the contracts here and here.

XGT Reward Chest

In order to reward our users, we developed a custom reward chest contract, handling the rewarding of users with XGT, whether it is through earning, farming or cash-backs. This allows us to reward liquidity providers of pools that are not ours (such as the Pancake Swap and Honeyswap Pools) with XGT.
The contract itself only provides the base functionality, while the individual modules are providing the specific features.
You can find the contract here.

Earning (Staking Module)

We recently added a way for users to stake their XGT in order earn compounded interest throughout the year. Currently users are earning a 150% APY, both on the xDai chain and the Binance Smart Chain.
We incorporated this functionality directly into our reward chest module system, so the earning part is implemented in the form of a StakingModule contract. Users can call the deposit() and withdraw() functions at any time, only incurring a small withdraw penalty if they withdraw prior to 72 hours after their last deposit. Deposits of merchants that are auto-staking their sale-earnings through the staking module will not count towards that penalty, so they can withdraw their staked XGT without a penalty at all times.
The contract is built in a way so the rewards auto-compound each time someone interacts with the contract. This way, our users will receive even higher APYs!
You can find the contract here.

Farming (Pool Module)

As soon as a user is involved in a transfer of Pool tokens (either through minting, burning, or trading them), our backend node picks this up and calls the XGT Reward Chest contract to indicate that a certain user needs to be updated. The corresponding function works in a trustless manner, such that the contract itself verifies how many XGT LP tokens the user has. Based on this, the reward distribution of XGT starts (or ends).
You can find the contract here.

Cashbacks (Cashback Module)

In one of our last updates we also added the Cashback Module, allowing merchants and the platform to issue cashbacks to customers. These cashbacks are also implemented with the possibility of mini-vestings, where the cashback amount is distributed to the customers over a period of several days, weeks or months.
Cashbacks can directly be claimed via the general claim() function of the reward chest through our UI.
You can find the contract here.

Airdrops (Airdrop Module)

With our new airdrop module, we are able to easily distribute regular as well as vested airdrops to our users. The resulting XGT can be claimed via the Reward Chest like any other reward.
You can find the contract here.


In order to incentivize the team and investors long-term, we are making use of a standard vesting contracts, that distributes the allocated tokens over a predefined vesting schedule.
You can find the contract here.


The documentation and smart contracts of the Xion Global platform can be found here.


We are leveraging the Upgradeability features by OpenZeppelin, allowing us to introduce features without changing the contract's address as well as fixing any unforeseen bugs that could lead to a financial loss for our users. The safety of our users and consequently their funds is of utmost importance to us! However, we are not using this feature for the bridges and token itself, in order to maintain decentralization and not even having the possibility to gain access to our users funds.