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Earning (Staking Module)

We recently added a way for users to stake their XGT in order earn compounded interest throughout the year. Currently users are earning a 150% APY, both on the xDai chain and the Binance Smart Chain.
We incorporated this functionality directly into our reward chest module system, so the earning part is implemented in the form of a StakingModule contract. Users can call the deposit() and withdraw() functions at any time, only incurring a small withdraw penalty if they withdraw prior to 72 hours after their last deposit. Deposits of merchants that are auto-staking their sale-earnings through the staking module will not count towards that penalty, so they can withdraw their staked XGT without a penalty at all times.
The contract is built in a way so the rewards auto-compound each time someone interacts with the contract. This way, our users will receive even higher APYs!
You can find the contract here.
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