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Makin' Crypto Payments & Rewards Easy For Any Business

Whether you are looking for a new or additional payment gateway, this is it! By simply adding two lines of code to your online store or app or using our "Stripe" level API and API documentation, you can start accepting crypto payments. Alternatively, if you in a rush and don't feel like coding, then just copy a payment link and share it with your customers to pay.

Available payment options for customers: USDT (Polygon), XGT, ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH, DASH & USDT (Eth Mainnet). Multi-chain crypto payments in the works with Elk Finance & Polygon 🚀

Get Started with Xion:

  1. Create an account here

  2. Generate API Keys here

  3. APIs, SDK & iFrames available here


  • 1% Transaction fees on consumers

  • No chargebacks

  • Up to 100% cashback in crypto for online purchases

  • Earn interest on your sales revenue

  • Loyalty programs and more...

If you think you had it good before, then you haven't tried Xion out. From 1% transaction fees to 100% cashback to increase repeat purchases, Xion isn't just a payment gateway... it's a way of life.

This is where you can create your products in order to create payment links and customisable checkout buttons to start accepting crypto payments


  1. Create your single or recurring billing product

  2. Find a product on the checkout button or payment links page to either integrate the checkout buttons onto your online store or simply share payment links to accept single or recurring payments in crypto

Checkout buttons can be installed with just 2 lines of code but if you not looking to code, then just share a payment link and get paid in crypto.


Twitter - https://twitter.com/xionglobal

Email - contact@xion.global

Telegram - https://t.me/xionglobal

Medium - https://xionglobal.medium.com/

Alternatively, reach out to our support team on https://xionpay.app

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