Manage your checkout buttons, payment links, customers and products

Management dashboards

Xion has provided two management dashboards to meet individual client needs when it comes to managing crypto payments and customers.

Product Management

This dashboard groups crypto transactions into specific product and/or subscription purchases to easily determine where majority of sales are coming from and to take immediate action on:

  • Enabling or pausing checkout buttons/payment links for specific products/subscriptions

  • Activating, pausing or unsubscribing all customers associated to a specific membership

  • Having a clear overview of linked follow up products for upsells, downsells and/or cross-sells

Customer Management

An easy way to manage all of your customers crypto transactions, subscriptions and outstanding payments. From a bulk to an individual customer management dashboard, as a business you'll be able to get clear insights on any customers that have purchased your product and/or service with crypto. The days of manually reconciling transactional data from block explorers is over.

What you can do:

  • Filter customers & transactions (created date, currency, discount, name, email, product, one-time, recurring)

  • Activate, pause or unsubscribe customers subscriptions

  • View transaction statuses (Successful, pending, failed)

  • Export customer & transactional data (one-time & subscriptions)

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