Adding embed code to a WordPress.org blog

You can add embed code to individual posts and to the menu on the home page of your WordPress.org blog.

Add embed code to a WordPress post:

  1. In the Xion Platform, create a Checkout Button and copy its embed code by clicking on COPY SCRIPT and then copying the Checkout Button Code.

  2. From your WordPress dashboard, go to your posts.

  3. Create a new post, or edit an existing post where you want to display a Checkout Button.

  4. Depending on the WordPress version you're using, complete one of the following steps: • In the post, change the text editor from Visual to Text mode. • From the block editor, click the + button, search for Custom HTML, and then click Custom HTML.

  5. Paste the embed code into the text field in the place where you want the Checkout Button to appear.

  6. When you're done, click Save Draft, Preview, or Publish.

Add embed code to a Wordpress menu


  1. From your WordPress dashboard, click Appearance.

  2. Click Customize to open the theme editor, and then click Widgets.

  3. Click the name of the area where you want to add the Checkout Button

  4. Open an existing Text widget, or click Add a Widget, and then click Text.

  5. Paste the embed code(Checkout Button Code) into the main text field within the Text widget.

  6. Save your changes.

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