🧊Spend & Freeze XGT

Spend & Freeze XGT

Receiving XGT as a form of payment

Customers are free to decide whether they would like to pay with USDT or XGT. The big benefit of accepting XGT as payment is:

  • Auto-staking XGT to earn more XGT

  • Freezing 1% of all XGT transactions to decrease the circulating supply

  • Loyalty program discounts off products/services

  • Immediate settlement and less than $0.01 transaction fees

Freeze XGT means, any XGT transactions will automatically send 1% of the total XGT amount into the XGT freezer contract where it will be locked until year 2100. So make sure to increase your price of any product/service or subscription by 1% to accommodate this freezing fee 🧊

If you need your XGT swapped to USDT in order to withdraw your USDT into your bank account or just looking for a more stable revenue stream, then simply head to Xion Finance to swap your XGT to USDT. Make sure to use the same wallet on Xion Finance as you do on Xion Global.

Spend your XGT on everyday products & subscriptions

So you've been yield farming XGT on Xion Finance and/or you've been simply buying up all the XGT you can get to start shopping online. Now is your chance to use your XGT rewards and purchase products from any of our merchants using our payment gateway.

How does it work:

  • Add a product to cart by either directly visiting the merchants store or going through our Xion Finance mini Marketplace.

  • Once added to cart, open your shopping cart and "Proceed to checkout"

  • This will bring you to the hosted checkout, where you can login with either your web 3 wallet, email or social media account

  • Next you will be able to enter in any contact or shipping details required and proceed to step 3

  • On step 3 you'll notice your XGT balance is displayed at the top of the page with a USD equivalent. Now choose "Pay with Rewards" and you will be paying for the product or subscription in XGT

  • Once completed your XGT balance will be updated and you'll be able to manage your product/subscription in "My Orders"

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