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Create your products to generate payment links and checkout buttons

Create your product, service or subscription

This is where you can create your product, service or subscription to accept crypto payments. Once your product is created, simply share a payment link or embed a checkout button to start accepting a variety of crypto payments.

Breakdown of product creation features:

  • Product name & Product Price

  • Product Type (Digital, Physical, Service)

  • Category

  • Currency (USD, ZAR, GDP, EUR & more)

  • Blockchain Wallet Address Collection

  • Number of Sales (Limited or Unlimited Sales per product)

  • Shipping Price (If physical is selected)

  • Product Page URL (If Available)

  • Product Image

  • Recurring Payments (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly & Run Time)

  • Loyalty Program (Recurring Payments Discounts)

How to create a product:

  1. To get started, click "Add Product +"

  2. Enter in the product title, price, and select the product type and category. Product type are as follows: - Digital collects no contact information in checkout - Physical collects full name, email, phone number(optional) & shipping address - Service collects full name & email address.

  3. Once all fields are filled in and selected in step 2, then you can enter in a product URL if you have this product on your website, limit sales, selected preferred checkout currency and then upload a product image.

  4. Now you can select whether you "want this product to be a recurring payment". If ticked, then you can enter in when you would like this payment to be repeated(e.g. every month) and how many times your customers should be billed before they are automatically unsubscribed. Otherwise tick "Ongoing" if you would like them to be billed on an ongoing basis(they need to unsubscribe if they wish to cancel their subscription)

  5. Last but not least, you can pay with crypto to unlock the loyalty program if you want to give your customers compounded discounts off their recurring payments. Once unlocked, you will be able to activate the loyalty program on any subscriptions you sell. These discounts only work for recurring payments. Learn more

  6. Once done, click "SAVE" and your product will be successfully saved

The next step to accepting crypto payments is to either create a checkout button that can be integrated into your online store or if you don't want to code then create a payment link to share to your customers to pay.

Please note: Wait for a green tick next to "SAVE" button to know when your product is approved to accept crypto payments(USDT, XGT, ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH. BCH. XRP)

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