Adding embed code to Wix

After you've created your Checkout Button in your Xion Create, you can add it to your Wix website using the Wix Website Editor.


  1. From your Create section, create a Checkout Button and then copy its embed code(Checkout Button Code).

  2. From your Wix account, find the site you want to edit in the My Sites section, and then click Edit Site.

  3. In the Wix Website Editor, click the + button, and then click More.

  4. Click HTML Code to add an HTML code widget to the page.

  5. Click Enter Code.

  6. On the HTML Settings dialog, paste the embed code(Checkout Button Code) for your Checkout Button in the Add your code here field and then click Update.

  7. When you're done, click Save.

Need help using the Wix Editor? Contact Wix Support.

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