Everything from invoicing to loyalty program levels

Emails for everything

Whether it's an email for your recent purchase, paused subscription or loyalty package. We've got you covered from both the merchant and consumer perspective.

We've made sure to include your company email address into relevant emails, as well as order summaries, product information, additional contact details etc.

Emails will be customised as we receive feedback from merchants and customers. Eventually, merchants will be able to customise their emails to make it more personal and congruent with their brand.

Management emails

Any action taken in the Management dashboard will trigger certain emails to be sent to your company email address and your customers. It will be one email to you(the merchant) as confirmation of your action and another email to all of your customers to inform them of their current subscription status.

List of Management emails to merchants and customers:

  • Activate - email to customers about their reactivated subscriptions

  • Pause - email to customers about being paused

  • Archive - email to customers about being unsubscribed

  • Restore - no email to customer

  • Renew - email to customers when their subscription is up for renewal

Merchants receive emails for all of those actions mentioned above as confirmation.

My Orders emails

Any action taken in the My Orders dashboard will trigger certain emails to be sent to the customers email address. These emails are also used for any purchases in the hosted checkout.

List of My Orders emails to customers:

  • Order confirmation - single and recurring

  • Activate

  • Pause

  • Unsubscribe

  • Resubscribe

  • Cashback (In progress)

  • Loyalty program (All levels)

  • Failed renewal transaction

  • Automatically unsubscribed at end of recurring cycles

  • Subscription renewal

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