๐Ÿ”ฎAuto-Staking XGT

Automatically stake any orders paid with XGT

Earn XGT on your sales revenue

So you getting paid with XGT from nearly every sale but now it's just sitting in your wallet... Put it to work and automatically stake your sales revenue XGT into the Xion Finance staking pool. You'll earn up to 150% APY(compounding) and you can withdraw at anytime with no penalty fees!

How it works:

  • Click "Stake XGT" in your Xion wallet page & click "Confirm"

  • Now every sale that is paid with XGT, will be automatically staked to earn even more XGT. This XGT will be automatically compounded(reinvested) for you, minus a small performance fee

  • To monitor your amount staked and profit, just click "Unstake XGT" and the stats will dropdown below

  • If you wish to stop automatically staking your XGT from sales, then just click "Unstake XGT", click "Confirm" and all your staked XGT will be immediately withdrawn into your connected wallet

Fees for Auto-Staking XGT:

Deposit fee

  • None

Unstaking fee

  • None

Performance fee

  • A small performance fee is subtracted from your earnings each time the pool is automatically compounded

  • 2%, subtracted automatically from each yield harvest

  • For example, if the harvest was 1 XGT, then 0.02 XGT would be subtracted as the performance fee

Whatโ€™s the Auto XGT bounty?

Auto XGT Bounty: 0.05% of all Auto XGT pool usersโ€™ pending yield

This bounty is given as a reward for providing a service to other users.

Whenever you successfully stake or unstake, the โ€œautomaticโ€ compounding function is triggered and you get a small bounty. This helps other stakers by activating the Auto XGT Poolโ€™s compounding function for everyone.

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