🧑‍🚀 Customers

Manage your customers & reconcile transactions

An easy way to manage all of your customers crypto transactions, subscriptions and outstanding payments. From a bulk to an individual customer management dashboard, as a business you'll be able to get clear insights on any customers that have purchased your product and/or service with crypto. The days of manually reconciling transactional data from block explorers is over.

Main Customer Mangement

View, filter, manage and export customer transactions in just a few clicks. From one-time to recurring payments, you can manage all of your customers seamlessly.

What you can do:

  • Filter customers & transactions (created date, currency, discount, name, email, product, one-time, recurring)

  • Activate, pause or unsubscribe customers subscriptions

  • View transaction statuses (Successful, pending, failed)

  • Export customer & transactional data (one-time & subscriptions)

Individual Customer Management

View total customer lifetime value, recollect outstanding payments via email in one-click, manage their subscriptions, transactions and additional user data.

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