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Buy, send, withdraw & top up
This wallet page is where you can manage your xDAI wallet balance, account balance and XGT balance. All sales revenue will be instantly paid out into either your xDAI or XGT wallet balance.
  • Receive xDAI or XGT(simple copy and share wallet address)
  • Send xDAI or XGT
  • Withdraw xDAI into your bank account(Mt Pelerin API coming soon for crypto to fiat withdrawals)
  • Top Up your "Account Balance" with xDAI to pay for orders, subscription renewals and to earn interest
  • Withdraw xDAI from your "Account Balance" back into your wallet
  • Buy xDAI using Ramp.Network or Buy XGT using xDAI
  • Monitor loyalty program levels for subscription discounts
Account Balance
Subscription Loyalty Program

xDAI Balance - For buying, depositing, sending & withdrawing xDAI

The entire Xion ecosystem is run on the xDAI chain. It provides a stable, fast and cost effective means of accepting online payments, issuing refunds, withdrawing and earning interest of your revenue. All for less than a cent since gas/transaction fees are super low.
Overview of features:
xDAI Balance
  • Buy xDAI with card, bank transfers using Ramp.Network
  • Send xDAI to wallet addresses(example, issue refunds)
  • Withdraw xDAI into your local bank account by using Mt.Pelerin
At the end of every send, top up or withdraw transaction, you will get your transaction hash link to prove the payment has been completed. Transaction history is coming soon, in order to reference your transfers.

Account Balance - For Subscriptions & Earning Interest

This is designed to pay for your subscription renewals and earn interest on your xDAI holdings. All you have to do is Top Up up your "Account Balance" with xDAI and every time a recurring billing charge goes off, your xDAI will be automatically deducted from your account balance.
However, instead of your xDAI just sitting in your account balance... waiting to be spent. You can earn interest on your xDAI holdings. Now you paying for your subscriptions and earning compounded interest. Who knows, you might even earn enough interest to cover your next months chocolate box subscription renewal 🍫📦
Overview of features:
  • Top Up your account balance with xDAI to pay for one time and recurring billing products/services renewals
  • Withdraw your xDAI holdings + interest accrued, back into your connected wallet
You can only pay for your recurring billing renewals using this account balance. If you do not have enough xDAI to cover your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly recurring billing charges, then your payments will fall back onto any available XGT balance. Otherwise, you'll have to top up with more xDAI for when a retry attempt is made.
Note: If you have any xDAI funds in your account balance when purchasing a once off or recurring product, your account balance will be deducted first and any remaining amount owed will be subtracted from your xDAI wallet balance.
Earning interest is coming soon!

Subscription Loyalty Program

This is the quickest way to get discounts off every recurring billing payment. Customers need to simply hold a certain amount of XGT in their connected wallet and then they will be eligible for a certain amount of discount every billing period. It's the perfect way to build customer lifetime value and predict your recurring revenue.

How it works:

  • "Buy xDAI" with card on Xion Global using Ramp.Network or directly on Honeyswap
  • Select your level of discounts, example: Selected Level 1 $25
  • Click "BUY XGT with xDAI", to purchase $25 worth of XGT using your xDAI
  • Approve the transactions & your XGT balance will be reflected once completed
  • Your loyalty program level will be highlighted by default to show which level you're on
  • As soon as your 2nd recurring billing charge goes off, then you will get level 1 compounded discount. Example: $10 recurring billing charge is about to go off for the 2nd time, so you will now only pay $9.95 since your level 1 discount has been activated
  • Look at the discount calculator to find out how much you'll save every month off each level and how much revenue you will make as a merchant
In order to keep getting recurring discounts, customers have to maintain their loyalty program level by either purchasing XGT or getting XGT rewards from yield farming and/or staking.
Simply put, customers need to always have the same USD value in XGT in order to get continuous discounts off their loyalty activated subscriptions. So if a customer is on Level 1($25 worth of XGT), then if the XGT price drops, they will have to buy more but if it rises then they might even get onto level 2 discounts.

XGT Balance - For Buying, Depositing or Sending XGT

XGT(Xion Global Token) is used for a host of different features:
  • Purchasing products and/or subscriptions
  • Holding XGT to activate loyalty program levels for compounded discounts
  • Staking XGT to earn more XGT
  • Refunding customers with XGT
In this wallet page, you'll be able to perform the following functions:
  1. 1.
    Buy XGT with any available xDAI in your connected wallet
  2. 2.
    Receive XGT from any external wallets on BSC and xDAI chain
  3. 3.
    Send XGT to any other wallets
  4. 4.
    Claim XGT cashback rewards
Instead of having to manually open up your wallet to send XGT, you will simply need to just approve the transaction and it will be sent to the wallet address of your choice.
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