Buy, send, withdraw & top up

This wallet page is where you can manage your USDT wallet balance, account balance and XGT balance. All sales revenue will be instantly paid out into either your USDT or XGT wallet balance.


  • Receive USDT or XGT(simple copy and share wallet address)

  • Send USDT or XGT

  • Withdraw USDT into your bank account(Mt Pelerin API coming soon for crypto to fiat withdrawals)

  • Top Up your "Account Balance" with USDT to pay for orders, subscription renewals and to earn interest

  • Withdraw USDT from your "Account Balance" back into your wallet

  • Buy USDT using Ramp.Network or Buy XGT using USDT

  • Monitor loyalty program levels for subscription discounts

USDT Balance - For buying, depositing, sending & withdrawing USDT

The entire Xion ecosystem is run on the Polygon chain. It provides a stable, fast and cost effective means of accepting online payments, issuing refunds, withdrawing and earning interest of your revenue. All for less than a cent since gas/transaction fees are super low.

Overview of features:

USDT Balance

  • Buy USDT with card, bank transfers using Mt.Pelerin

  • Send USDT to wallet addresses(example, issue refunds)

  • Withdraw USDT into your local bank account by using Mt.Pelerin

At the end of every send, top up or withdraw transaction, you will get your transaction hash link to prove the payment has been completed. Transaction history is coming soon, in order to reference your transfers.

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