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Bulk product, checkout button and customer subscription management

Manage your checkout buttons, products & customers

This is where you can pause, activate, archive and restore checkout buttons. Every action you take affects any customers that are currently subscribed to that specific product and/or on a loyalty program. If you created single billing buttons then activating, pausing, archiving or restoring will simply activate or deactivate your checkout buttons on your store.

What you can do:

  • Activate, pause, archive, restore checkout buttons & customers subscriptions

  • View the product price, billing interval and cycles

  • View customers transactions and payment status (Single & Recurring)

  • Contact details and Shipping Addresses for orders

  • Downloadable CSV document with all single billing, recurring billing and pausing fee transactions

  • Preview the product & checkout button on your website

  • Click "Edit" to head to the "Create" page where you can edit your product/checkout button

We've grouped all of the same products transactions into one place so you don't have to manage each individual customer. It's an easier way to see which products/subscriptions are selling the most and to manage all of your customers that pertain to each subscription/product. Plus, your customers have their own dashboard to manage their orders/subscriptions anyways.

This is how it works for Recurring billing:

Activate - checkout button will be available again on your store but there's two sides to it:

1 - if your checkout button was previously archived and restored, then it will not reactivate any unsubscribed customers. Instead it will send an email to let your customers know they can re-subscribe.

2 - if your checkout button was previously paused, then it will reactivate any paused customers subscriptions and they will be billed on their next due billing date.

Pause - this will deactivate your checkout button, pause any active recurring billing plans and save any discount progress customers have earned through the loyalty program to continue once reactivated.

Archive - if you archived, then it would've deactivated your checkout button, unsubscribed any active or paused customers and reset any discount progress customers have earned through the loyalty program

Restore - When you 'Restore', this will move your checkout button to paused to edit any product details in the create section before reactivating it. The checkout button will still be deactivated.

Please note: Follow up checkout buttons can only be managed through the main checkout buttons in management. If you created follow up checkout buttons, then any action you take on the main checkout button will have the same effect on the follow up checkout buttons it is linked to.

Example: I created a main checkout button called "Monthly Shaving Box" and added a follow up checkout button called "Aftershave Subscription" to increase my customers cart size. Now I paused my "Monthly Shaving Box", which in turn paused my "Aftershave Subscription". All of my customers billing periods and loyalty program statuses have been paused + my checkout buttons have also been deactivated.

Transaction fees: Any action you take in this dashboard creates an Polygon blockchain transaction. Whether you pause, activate, archive or restore, a transaction will be created and about $0.01 transaction fees will be covered by Xion. Even though we cover the low transaction/gas fee, we kindly ask you to refrain from taking multiple or unnecessary actions.

Lastly, every time an action is taken or an order is placed, the transaction status in "View Transactions" will move to "Pending" until the Polygon blockchain transaction is "Successful" or "Failed".

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